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So this just happened. We became members of the Winward Sailing Club.

Yeah – you heard right. Sailing Club. In Newport Beach, California. Grey Poupon anyone? Well, it’s really not like that anymore.

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Sailing mostly carries a connotation that a lot of money is needed to support this hobby. Well, we have a great passion for sailing but we’re little short on the mullah part and so we needed to figure out how we can sail on a budget.

We did our research and unless you know someone who has a boat and is OK with you using it while putting your mad skills in practice, which we don’t, OR have funds to buy a sailboat and pay monthly mooring or docking fees, which we also don’t, THEN becoming a member of a sailing club was the only way to to satisfy our desire for the open seas.

We chose our sailing club for several reasons.

It’s a small family run business – which we love because we got to know the owner and the staff the day we signed up and we like to support small businesses in the area where we live.

Secondly their membership fees made sense to us. Part of he monthly membership fees goes towards the rental boat fund, which you use to rent any of the club’s boats. This way you’re encouraged to use the boats and getting out in the ocean.


So there you have it – sailing on a budget, pursuing your passions and looking and feeling like you have the life of a millionaire without the millions in your pocket☺ Go ahead and pursue your passions – where there’s a will, there’s always a way.

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