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Womens Slouchy Anchor Tee – White Anchor


I’m The Captain Of My Soul.
Designed in California
Navy Dolman Sleeve Tee V
65/35 Polyester Cotton
Tagless interior print

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Womens Slouchy Anchor Tee – White Anchor | by NO&YO

This womens slouchy anchor tee is super soft with a Discharge No-Feel Hand-Printed Design. Tagless Interior Print.  Designed in California. This womens slouchy anchor tee comes in a both a blue tee with a white anchor and extremely soft.

Anchor Tee Design

The Anchor Tee Design was inspired by the love for sailing. An anchor is an iconic piece to the sailing community and more importantly it represents your freedom to anchor yourself in any part of the world. Ultimately the Women’s Slouchy Anchor Tee is your representation that you love the ocean and yet you want to be stylish. More importantly, the womens slouchy anchor tee is your memory for the love of the outdoors whether it be on a boat or on the road.

Tips for beginning sailors:

Choose calm and uncrowded waters, begin on a boat rigged with one sail, important – follow sailing basics for sailing, find a local school, become familiar with sail control, learn basic sailing terms and most importantly respect but don’t be afraid of the ocean. Practice makes perfect and remember that safety comes first. Enjoy, NO&YO.

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Dimensions 12 x 10 x 0.6 cm

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