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Design Pocket Tee Santa Fe – Natural Pocket

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Native American Inspiration In a Pocket!
Designed in California
Heather Frey Tee
50/25/25/ Polyester Cotton Rayon

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Design Pocket Tee by NO&YO

Inspired by the folkloric art of the American Natives of Santa Fe, New Mexico the pocket is hand printed to reflect color and pattern. This women design pocket tee is discharge No-Feel Hand-Printed Design with a Tagless Interior Print. The design pocket tee for women is 50/25/25 Polyester Cotton Rayon on a Heather Red Dolman Tee.

Santa Fe Design

Santa Fe, New Mexico is home to a large population of this country’s native Americans. The many pueblos and their colorful art have made Santa Fe of historic importance and heritage. It is precisely the historic importance and the art that have help shaped the colors and design pocket tee. Multiple colors make the design colorful and yet modern for the everyday use and style. A pair of jeans or a nice short will go well with the design pocket tee.

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Dimensions 12 x 10 x .6 cm

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