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Vintage Wave Surf T shirts


Make Your Own Waves!
Designed in California
Vintage Black Tee
65/35 Polyester Cotton Blend

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Vintage Wave Surf T shirts | by NO&YO

NO&YO’s Vintage Wave Surf T shirts are super soft, prewashed and preshrunk. The print is discharged and the colors are infused into the fabric. The shirt is hand printed so please allow for a slight variation in color from shirt to shirt. Because we test and know tees, the vintage wave surf t shirts have a tagless interior print. This means no more messy or itchy tags in the back.

The Design that makes the Vintage Wave Surf T shirts

All NO&YO’s designs are inspired by the outdoors and its experience. The Vintage Wave Surf T shirts are no exception. A variety of colors can be found on the rolling waves due to the reflection of the sun or the many micro sea animals that make the ocean their home. Thus, it is only appropriate to have a design that is a very true representation of those colors. Therefore, the Vintage Wave Surf T shirts are designed with that in mind and a preview of what all surfers see in the ocean.

Tips for beginning surfers: Have the right gear (if you are a beginner start with a foam and larger board), Arch your back with paddling, put your hands on the top of the board instead of the rails, don’t use your knees as this makes for the start of a bad habit, and most importantly practice, practice and have fun. Enjoy and remember, safety comes first. NO&YO

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